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This is the grounds layout. The entrance, at the end of the road, is at the bottom right. On the left is a canal with about 100 ft of docking and 2 sets of davits.
There is a 24x24 ft. wood deck on the back, perfect for sunning and fishing (snapper, yellowtail, etc.).
On the back there is a wide channel that separates the house from the ocean. You can dive on the rocks and catch lobster or just sit down and watch the boats go by.
The pool area, patio and BBQ have been recently completed. It is really gorgeous. Take a look!

Click on any red arrow to see the view.

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This is the front of the house. You can see the stairs that lead to the second floor, the porch entrance to the first floor and at top of the house the large windows on the loft. The garden has coconut trees, various type of palms, cactus, papaya (tropical fruits) and beautiful always flowering bougainvillea. All colors are light pastel, very tropical. To the right, some of the landscaping.


This is the front porch to the first floor. A nice place to sit down and talk.

These are the stairs to the second floor. All tiled in Spanish tiles some with motif.

This view is at the end of the dock. You can see one of the davits (electrically operated, there are four sets for two boats), the dock area and some of the many coconut trees on the side of the house. The canal here is about 20 ft deep. You can swim or fish from the canal.

Davits are not to be used by tenants for obvious legal reasons.

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This view of the dock area and the canal is taken from the deck, about 100 feet from the one above. You can see several of the davits here, as well as the edge of the wooden deck. The water in the canal is always warm.


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A view from the deck towards the east along side the canal. Notice the wild life (natural, no tricks!). At the right is a series of rocks that separate the canal from the ocean where you can see some wild mangroves (protected species) These friends, came right to the deck. It happens quite often, specially if you feed some of the leftovers from the fish that you catch. You also see some native wildlife Florida birds

The left view is from the wood deck, the one on the right is from the the side of the house looking to the ocean (channel in front where sailboat is). Notice the large heated spa (room for 7), the balcony above the pool and the deck area on the left on the distance.

This the BBQ area to the right of the patio around the pool. Notice the large aluminum/stainless steel BBQ, good for an 100 lb. pig! Also, notice the large picnic table for ten people. At night this area is lighted by spotlights. The breeze here is wonderful!


This the large coal BBQ by the deck. In addition there is a gas one in the second floor balcony.