This is the layout of the second floor. You enter after you climb the tiled stairs. The porch and all floors are tiled in  modern stone like tile.

Click on any of the red arrows to view the scene from that positions.


2secondfloorlayout.gif (6242 bytes)

This is the view as you enter the living area. To the end are the sliding doors to the porch with the ocean ahead. To the right is the master bedroom and the stairs to the loft. To the left is the entrance to the second bedroom and Jacuzzi bath. The furniture (couch, love seat and chair) are all wicker.

This is another view of the living room taken from opposite direction. At the end on the right is the entrance door.

This is a view of the loft above (see stairs to the left), the entrance door in the distance, to the right. The kitchen and dining table in the distance.

The sliding doors facing the ocean are behind you. The kitchen is to the front, to the left

This is the upstair kitchen. Notice all modern appliances


This is partial view of the loft. 2 Queen size beds






This IS partial view of the living room looking towards the canal. The sliding door to the left leads to the porch and a large table for six under a heavy duty fan. Here you can have breakfast or dinner enjoying the ocean views and all the wild life. Also, notice the large living room fan.

This is a view of the stairs to the loft, the original Jamaican paintings and the porch outside the master bedroom (at left). At the left, bottom, is an original sea lamp dating to the 1800's, which you can light up at night for soft romantic glow.
haitian.gif (14651 bytes)

This is a view of the master bedroom


This is the second bedroom.The bed is double size, with a night stand and a ceiling fan. To the left (not seen) is a large closet with a dresser inside. You can wake up to beautiful sunrises!
2bednorth.gif (22018 bytes)

This view from the sliding door inside the house looking south, shows the hammock. In the distance is Tavernier creek. Nothing in life is better than swinging in the hammock with a cold margarita, or if you enjoy it a nice cigar. The view is beautiful and it is a great place to take a relaxing "siesta", keys style
2hammocksouth.gif (25676 bytes)

This view, from the sliding door of the master bedroom, shows the hammock and the canal in the distance facing east. Notice the fan (one of two), that keeps the area cool and mosquitoes free at all times. The hammock, perfect place to relax, under the cool ocean breeze or the fan above you. This is the guest's favorite place!
2hammocknorth.gif (13712 bytes)

This picture is taken from the south end of the porch and it shows the island of Tavernier at the end, the channel at the left and the neighbor's dock ahead. This view is to the Southeast where the breeze comes from. Most of the time you will see many sailboats anchored this side of Tavernier key.
dukesview.gif (13454 bytes)

2porchsouth.gif (12545 bytes)
This view, looking south, shows part of the porch. The rocks along the water mark the boundaries of the channel. The exit, to the ocean, is at the end. Notice, above, a large floodlight that can be used at night to illuminate the water, mangroves and grounds. Notice, also, some of the many chair lounges, with stamped tropical cushions. This view looking north towards the canal show the other part of the porch. Notice the large gas BBQ here. If you are in a hurry this is the perfect one to use. Also, we always eat outdoors in here. It is cool and breezy.


2canalwest.gif (12526 bytes)
This is a view of the side canal looking west. You can see some of the davits, the dock, and fish cleaning concrete bench. In the evenings you can see beautiful red sunsets. At the top there are some floodlights  used to illuminate the area at night. This view is from the same spot as the one on the left but looking east. You can see the canal on the left, the channel and ocean on the right. To leave by boat you take the channel to the right.

This is the brand new all stainless stell gas BBQ. It sits on the porch facingthe ocean.



sunrise.gif (5857 bytes) 2mooneast.gif (7246 bytes)
This is a view of the sunrise from the porch.

This is a view, taken from the porch, of the reflection of the moon on the ocean.